Grapefruit (citrus paradisi) is an evergreen tree, growing from 6-12 m high with flowers in clusters. The fruit is botanically a berry known as herperidium. 

Nutritional Value
 Excellent source of vitamin C, some calcium, phosphorous, iron potassium, vitamin A, thiamin; low in sodium.

Buying and StoringWhen buying grapefruits choose firm, slightly to the touch, heavy for the size and well shaped.  Heavy, smooth-skinned fruits are usually thin skinned and a high juice content.  Avoid fruit that is puffy, coarse and rough, as it will be dry lack juice and flavor.  Also avoid ones that are light in weight or showing soft or wet spots. 

Grapefruit do not ripen once picked, maybe stored outside the refrigerator in a cool place or in refrigerator crisper for longer storage and cool eating.  

Prepare, Use and Serve
To prepare, wipe over, cut in half and segment or peel and cut into segments.  Maybe juiced.  

To serve, cut in half crosswise and remove seeds. Separate each section by cutting down both sides of membrane with a small sharp knife, working from center to rind and around back to center. Cut around center core with a pair of scissors. 

Grapefruits are serve uncooked, but occasionally it's delicious grilled or segments sauteed in butter with or without brown sugar. 



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