Jackfruit - Artocarpus heterophyllus, is a species related to breadfruit.The fruits grow to a tremendous size and in spite of their strong odor, they are relinquished throughout Asia. They have a very rough green skin and soft, juicy flesh.

The pulp of the ripe flesh can be eaten cooked or fresh, preserved in syrup or dried.  It makes a good addition to a fruit salad.  The flesh is used in ice cream, curries and deep fries or simply served in chilled on a bed of ice. The sweet, juicy flesh around the seeds may be sweet or acidic.  The seeds can be boiled and roasted like chestnuts, which they resemble.

Jackfruit is an acquired taste due to its pungent odor.  Cut the fruit in half and remove the flesh from around the seeds.  Before doing this oil your  hands and the knife to prevent the latex sticking to your fingers and knife. 

Store the flesh in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  Keep uncut fruit outside because the smell will penetrate the house.  

Jackfruit are rich in carbohydrate and an excellent source of vitamin A and C, with good fibre, iron and moderate zinc.   



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