Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota,L.), native to Central and Northern South America and of the family Sapotaceae.  It is a fruit with many names - Sapota, Santo DomingoApricot, Marmalade Plum, Dilly, Chiku, Nispero and is grown not only for its fruit but also for its latex which is used in chewing gum. 

The fruit is usually produced in pairs, shape oval to round.  Green skin turning to brown, enclosing a yellowish brown or honey colored sweet and juicy flesh. Must be eaten only when perfectly ripe to be fully enjoyed.  Seeds are in the center, shiny black and hard and should not be eaten. 

Buying and Storing
Buy firm with a green to brown color. May take up to 7 days to ripen.

Always keep in room temperature until ripe.  Ripe fruit should have a brown color and give slightly when gently pressed.  Use when really ripe or refrigerate well wrapped. 

To Prepare
Cut in half, remove all seeds.  Scoop flesh from the skins.  Can be chopped, sliced or cut into sections, mashed or blended. 

Use and Serve
  • Best eaten fresh.
  • Can be use in fruit salads, either sliced or cut into section with seeds removed. 
  • Mashed and added to cakes, pancakes or bread. 
  • Used in desserts; mashed and boiled to make a syrup, sherbet, ice cream or mousse.    
Goes with all other fruits, cream, sour cream, coconut, creamed dishes.   



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