The term " farinaceous" means product which contains flour or has a high starch content cereals, pasta, pulses and potatoes falls in this classification.  Farina is the Latin term for flour.  

Farinaceous Products
Many different varieties of farinaceous products are used in the catering industry, the most common ones are pasta, gnocchi, rice, polenta and couscous.

Pasta  - the word pasta means paste in Italian.  Basic pasta dough is made from flour and liquid.  It is unleavened, which means it contains no raising agents.  The Italian words used to describe the types of pasta usually refer to their shapes. For instance, spaghetti means little strings, vermicelli means little worms and linguine means little tongues.  Pasta is a nutritional food, its complex carbohydrates provides as much energy with less calories than fat. 

Gnocchi - is the term for small dumplings of varying shapes. Strong flour which is high in gluten is used for good consistency of the dough.  Potato can also be used. 

Polenta - is a traditional northern Italian dish made by boiling ground yellow cornmeal into a stiff golden porridge.  it can be eaten like a porridge with freshly grated cheese.  It can be poured into shallow trays, allowed to set and then cut into shapes ad steamed, grilled or fried.

Couscous - a staple food of North Africa, is finely milled semolina, a granulated hard flour prepared from the central part of the wheat germ.

Rice - a cereal and is a native of the Indian continent.  There are about 2500 different varieties of rice, most of which are grown in Asia. The only significant difference for cookery purposes is in the length of the grain-short or long. As rice cooks, it absorbs a lot of water and the volume increases about four times.   



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