Herbs form an important part of cookery, they provide extra flavor color and variety of flavors.  The range of herbs available has also increased over the years, it is good to experiment with different herb combinations. 

Herbs have been used throughout history for remedial purposes as well as a flavor additive.   

When using herbs it should be used towards the end of cooking process to retain their color.  The stalk like parsley or some hardier types like rosemary can be added to stocks and sauces earlier. 

Some restaurants plant herbs into the garden or in pots as it provides the freshest ingredients at a small price.  Dried herbs are an acceptable alternative but they should be added early in cooking process.  

Do not purchase too many dried herbs in advance as they will lose their aroma. Some recipes can use a mixture of herbs with the dried herb providing the base flavor and the fresh herb highlighting and coloring the dish at the end.  



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