The term was originally used to describe fine lace-like work in metal. In cooking, the term describes chocolate, fondant or choux paste decorations commonly used to garnish sweets and pastries. The fine decorations are achieved by using a piping bag made out of grease proof paper.  

The bag should not be filled beyond 1/3 , to prevent spillage.  The tip may be cut to varying sizes to adjust thickness of thread for either very delicate, fine work or for more coarse designs.  Noozles should not be used, since the chocolate would solidify.

A variety of templates may be used for decoration work and writing.  This is particularly advisable for the beginner.  Templates should be placed under silicon or grease proof paper.  

Point to remember
  • Do not over fill the piping bag approximately 1/3 full.
  • Use templates if unsure of a pattern or design and for greater accuracy.
  • Filigree work can be used to garnish cakes and desserts .
  • Fondant, Choux paste and chocolate are some of the commodities that may be used in filigree work.
  • When piping, drag the chocolate like a piece of string, rather than attempting to push it. 



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