The most familiar zucchini is one with a dark green skin, often called black-jack zucchini, a very dark, shiny skin usually indicates freshness while a dull surface maybe due to age or bruising. Botanically zucchinis are very immature fruits, so are not good keepers, it can be keep for a week in refrigerator, after which the flesh starts to rot.    

Preparation is extremely simple and quick, zucchinis need only a rinse and trimming of the ends.  Peeling is unnecessary and certainly detracts from appearance and texture.  Zucchinis can be sliced as required or used whole, depending on their size and the recipe.  

Boiling, steaming, baking or frying are all suitable cooking methods and it can be served raw in salads. Over-cooking can be a trap, particularly if cooking in water and thorough drainage before serving is essential.  With boiled or steamed zucchini it is often necessary to drain carefully and then return to the heat to dry out further.

Zucchini combines well with other vegetables in combination such as French dish ratatouille. Oregano or grated cheese and seafood may also be used to enhance its flavor. Zucchini soup is another possibility, it may need an ample of lemon juice or nutmeg to add some interest.  



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