Originated in South-East Asia, the tree conveniently flowers and fruits all year. The carambola is an unusual looking fruit about 25 cm long and it is sometimes known as "five-corners" because it has five corners.  It is strongly ribbed, when cut across the fruit  form a star-shape, hence another name "star fruit"   

When ripe it is a golden-yellow translucent color and the flesh is crisp and juicy with a few dark seeds.

Nutritional Value
Carambola are high in vitamin A and C, this will ensure healthy skin and good eyesight. 

Because of its high ascorbic acid content it is superb for jellies, jams and chutneys. The sweeter varieties maybe eaten raw and added to fruit or green salads.    

Some South-East Asian recipes combine them with hot spices, nuts and fish.  The texture lends itself well to stewing and some places they are preserved in sugar and eaten as a sweet.  



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