Custard apple

Custard apple or cherimoya originated in Peru and is a delicious dessert fruit, although difficult to eat elegantly. The fruit is shaped like knobbly heart, with small drop-like section cohesing to a solid mass. It has a scaly, green skin and soft, white, sweet flesh, the central core is also soft but has no flavor. The aromatic, creamy flesh is one of the most exotic of the tropical fruits and a natural custard.  

Custard apples are grown in tropical areas and needs several days or more in a warm place could be needed for ripening. Custard apple should not be refrigerated other than for a short period before serving. 

Choose firm green ones with no black spots.  Eat the fruit as soon as it is slightly soft.  Cut or break the fruit in half and serve  on a bed of ice with a spoon to eat the flesh, discarding the seeds.

Difficulty in preparation has probably limited the numbers of recipes for custard apples ad their use in restaurants.  they can be used in fruit salads and mousses. The creamy smooth flesh makes a wonderful puree for ice cream, sorbets, drinks and other desserts. Custard apples include a generous measure of energy, an excellent source of Vitamin C, some calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.



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