Figs are borne on large, hardy trees which live for many years. There are numerous varieties of fig with different colors and flavors. Some are more rounded, some more egg or pear-shaped. The best figs are usually large, thin-skinned and delicious.

Figs have a soft skin when ripe which makes them very attractive to birds.  Often it is advisable to pick the fruit slightly before maturity and allow it to ripen in safety.  It is best to refrigerate when ripe and use quickly. 

When ripe figs usually color from green to light or dark brown outside and dark brown or pink inside, where  they should be soft and sweet.

Figs are often eaten fresh for dessert and combine well with cheese. They can be stewed or baked in syrup, perhaps with ginger or port wine. 

To microwave, they should be combined with a small amount of water and sugar or honey and cooked on high for about five minutes or until tender.  Fig jam is very popular and fresh figs can also be crystallized.

Figs are high in energy particularly when dried, a good source of thiamine (Vitamin B1) and potassium but are low in sodium. 



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