Rick Stein's India

When Indians talk of their food, they talk about their life. To understand this country, you need to understand curry. What makes a good curry? Sensual spicy aromas or thick, creamy sauces? Rich, dark dals or crispy fried street snacks? 

Rick Stein journeys through India to find the answer, searching this colorful, chaotic nation in search of the truths behind our love affair with its food. Rick's travels take him to the heart of both their long-held traditions and most modern techniques. He uncovers recipes for fragrant kormas, delicate spiced fish and slow-cooked biryanis, all the while gathering ideas and inspiration for his own take on that elusive dish the perfect curry.

Title: Rick Stein's India
Author: Stein, Rick
Publication info: London BBC Books, 2013.
Physical description: 319 pages
ISBN: 9781849905787 



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