It is helpful to have a good selection of wire whisks in the kitchen.  Once you get used to using them you will find them invaluable; relatively cheap compared with other blending gadgets; easy to clean, because of their simple construction and with no complicated mechanism to go wrong.  

With heads of looped wires attached to sturdy metal or wood handles, used to beat food rapidly and to blend thoroughly. Also called whips, they come in  variety of sizes.  
  • Straight-sided whisk - This whisks features wires formed into fairly straight narrow loops.  Use it to mix ingredients thoroughly without adding excess air.   
  • Balloon whisk - Balloon whisks have pronounced, rounded loops.  Too flexible for regular stirring, their spherical shape facilitate incorporating the maximum amount of air while beating egg whites or cream. 

  • Flat whisks - Also called a roux whisk,  a flat whisk is used to stir sauces as they thicken, while pressing out ad smoothing lumps on the bottom of a pan. 

It is important to fit the size and shape of the whisk to the bowl you are using.  
  • If the receptacle is too small the mixture will not have room to expand and incorporate its air and the whisk will be cramped for space in which to move.  
  • If the whisks is too small for the pan your work will be doubled and when beating egg whites you may find them creeping up your arm.  
  • A rounded whisk suits a round sided bowl, a slightly pointed whisk gets into the corners of a saucepan. 



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