Fried eggs

Eggs can be shallow fried in a thin layer of fat.  The aim is to cook the tops and underside simultaneously without crisping or burning the whites around the edges and on the underside. The degree of doness for shallow fried eggs ranges from soft-set to firm-set white and runny to soft-set yolk. 

Usually serve as a breakfast dish.  It can be served with a grilled breakfast rasher, sausages or tomatoes.  

The terms "sunny-side-up" and "easy-over" are sometimes used to describe shallow fried eggs. 

"Sunny-side-up" means that the eggs are fried on one side only. 'Easy-over" means that they are fried on both sides.  They are turned over with spatula or egg lifter halfway through frying.  

  • For frying use clarified butter or oil  just hot enough to sizzle.  
  • Control the heat to cook gently for 3-4 minutes.  
  • Drain the egg of excess fat when lifting from the pan.




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