Sweet, crystalline substance obtained chiefly from the juice of the sugarcane.(Saccharum officinarium)

Sugar is one of the most important ingredients used in preparing pastries and sweets. Sugar is available in different types, differing mostly as to the degree of refinement.

Selecting the right type for the purpose required is important, for example using granulated sugar when making a meringue means the sugar will not dissolve by the time the meringue is completed.

Essential function of sugar
Apart from being used as a sweetening agent, sugar has other essential functions.
  • It delays the coagulation of the proteins in eggs. 
  • Promotes aeration and color in baked products. 
  • Lowers the freezing point in ice cream preparation
  • Increases the shelf life of cakes.

All sugar products are hygroscopic- that is they all absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Sugar itself will become damp and sticky.
Products cooked with sugar will also absorb moisture and in the case of crisp biscuits for example, go soft. Proper storage is essential to overcome these problems.



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