Brussels sprouts

A member of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts grow in long rows on a single stem.  Brussels sprouts were first cultivated in the sixteen century in Flanders, near Brussels.

When buying Brussels sprouts, choose the smaller ones as they are more tender and tastier and check they have tight heads and that the leaves are bright green with no tinges of yellow.  Brussels sprouts can be steamed or boiled or shredded and used in a stir-fry.  To boil them remove the outer leaves and soak in salted water for a few minutes to remove any bugs.  Cooking in lots of boiling water with the lid off helps them to stay green.

A good source of vitamin A and C. Brussels sprouts go with- almond, bacon, butter, chestnut.

Brussels sprouts stir-fry with bacon

Fry 400 g shredded Brussel sprouts in a little oil until tender.  Add 4 finely chopped bacon rashers and fry together until crisp.

To serve, season with pepper and sprinkle a few chopped almonds over the Brussels sprouts. 

Serve 4.



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