Food trivia

How much do you really know about food? Test your food knowledge with my food names quiz . . . Have fun!!!
  1. After whom the dessert ‘pavlov’ named?

  2. In ‘angels and devils on horseback’, what are the angels and devils made of?

  3. What is ‘vol-au-vent’?

  4. In Scotland, which soup is traditionally served on Burns Night?
  5. From where does the term ‘chowder’ for soup derive?

  6. How did Toll House cookies get their name?
  7. For which occasion was Vichyssoise soup created?

  8. What is the origin of the word ‘gammon’?

  9. How did jambalaya get its name?

  10. What does chili con carne mean?

Check your answers: 

1. The pavlova was named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.
2. The angels are oysters and the devils are prunes.
3. Vol-au-vent is French for "flying on the wind "- they are puff pastry cases.
4. A soup called -Cock-a-leekie.
5. From the French word "chaudiere" - a huge copper pot for communal fish stew.
6. When you have to pay a toll to cross the Mississippi, you could stop at the toll-man's house and buy his chocolate chip cookies.
7. The opening of the roof garden at the old Ritz Carlton Hotel, New York City.
8. It was common in the French colony of Virginia and the French word for ham is jambon.
9. It was brought by Spaniards to New Orleans and jamon is the Spanish word for ham.
10. It is Spanish for meat with chilli powder.


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